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The Truth and Reconciliation Commission established in South Africa was an experiment in restorative justice focusing on the Apartheid period. The 84 videos that comprise this collection are news broadcasts assembled by the journalist Max Du Preez covering the history and activities of the Commission. The site includes finding aids, summaries, and full-length videos, ranging from April 1996 through March 1998. It is a fantastic, if little known, resource for teachers and researchers alike. Further information is available here.

Source: The South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission Videotape Collection, Lillian Goldman Law Library (Yale University)

Published by the Ohio State Anti-Slavery Society beginning in 1836, the Philanthropist chronicled the movement against slavery throughout the Midwest and beyond. Editors included famous abolitionists James G. Birney and Gamaliel Bailey, who would go on to establish the influential National Era in Washington, D.C. Based, for the most part, in Cincinnati, the Philanthropist was attacked by violent mobs on multiple occasions. It is one of the earliest antislavery newspapers published west of the Appalachians and a landmark in the struggle for freedom of the press.

Issues from 1836 through 1839 are available here.

Issues from 1840 through 1843 are available here.

Source: Xerox University Microfilms (Ann Arbor, MI)