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Last January, we posted original scans of the Daily Worker covering August 1924 through December 1925. Some of these issues turned out excellent. Others were incomplete or distorted due to the limitations of automatic scanning and old, poorly-rendered microfilm. These issues were re-scanned using different software settings and a completely different microfilm source. Some of the new scans are superior to the original batch, and some of the original scans are superior to the new ones. Both sets are now available to the public.

Issues from August through September 1924 are available here.

Issues from October 1924 through January 1925 are available here.

Issues from February through July 1925 are available here.

Issues from July through October 1925 are available here.

Issues from November through December 1925 are available here.

Source: Graphic Microfilm Service Inc. (New York, NY)

Black American activist Samuel Cornish began publishing The Rights of All after leaving his position as editor of Freedom’s Journal. The newspaper did not last long, but it would be resurrected about six years later as The Colored American. Like Freedom’s Journal, it was published in New York City and focused on resistance to both racism and slavery. Five issues, from May through October 1829, are available here.

Source: Library of Congress Photoduplication Service (microfilm)