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The Anti-Slavery Reporter and its successor, the American Anti-Slavery Reporter, are a key resource for the early history of the abolitionist movement. Published monthly in New York, this journal was an official organ of the American Anti-Slavery Society, the first such society to operate on a national scale in the United States. Issues from June 1833 through August 1834 are available here.

Source: Oberlin College Library (Oberlin, OH)

A children’s writing book, Rai Tammo Lae was the first book of its kind published in the Sherbro language of West Africa. It was based on the Tract Primer, a popular textbook issued by the American Tract Society, and was translated by John White, the publisher of the Sherbro dictionary featured on this site a few months ago. The only known copy, as of this writing, is now available here.

Source: American Missionary Association Archives, Amistad Research Center, Tulane University (New Orleans, LA).

Part three of the Daily Worker covers December 1925 through August 1927. As with the earlier posts in this series, the quality of the microfilm is far from perfect. Many issues were filmed with uneven lighting, which renders some portions unreadable. But they are better than nothing. At the very least, they can provide a guide to further research in the original sources.

Issues from December 1925 through August 1926 are available here.

Issues from September 1926 through January 1927 are available here.

Issues from February 1927 through April 1927 are available here.

Issues from April 1927 through August 1927 are available here.

Source: Graphic Microfilm Service Inc. (New York, NY)

The Connecticut Courant was one of the earliest and most widely circulated journals in colonial America. It was also an influential and longstanding proponent of the independence movement. In 1777, it became one of the first newspapers of its kind to be published by a woman. Now known as theĀ Hartford Courant, it remains the oldest newspaper in continuous publication in the United States.

Issues from October 1764 (no. 1) through July 1772 (no. 394) are available here.

Source: Graphic Microfilm Service Inc. (Waltham, MA)